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You will not find a lot of reviews for Lightroom presets or Photoshop activities on this blog. But this is my second Mastin Labs inspection (read the very first one here). Nearly all presets packs, while strong, have a tendency to be very broad and deflecting to new photographers. However, Mastin Labs help serve a very niche crowd of photographers, myself included. I used to shoot on film every week. I would burn through dozens of rolls of film, and spend hundreds of dollars on development. Why? Since there’s a magical to shooting film. A texture, a dynamic selection, a color, that I found impossible to reproduce with digital. But in 2015 I started longterm travelling. Film had to take a back seat for two reasons. I really don’t have space for extra cameras and film from my bag. And it’s impossible to discover a high-quality lab that can produce hi-res scans onto a memory stick in each city I see. And of course the price! I shoot on film. And for the longest time, I made it. That’s until I discovered Mastin Labs. They are maybe the best film emulation presets for Lightroom. What You want to Know About Lightroom Presets Lightroom presets may help save you a ton of time when it has to do with processing photographs. And if you’re not FREE Mastin Lightroom Presets an expert editor, chances are they’ll allow you to do a far better job than you will do on your own. But before you start with any presets, there’s a couple of things that you want to understand. Software You will (rather obviously) want your personal copy of Adobe Lightroom. There will also be a minimum version of Lightroom that the presets will work with. By way of example, Mastin Labs require Adobe Lightroom Version or higher (circa 2012). Several other presets require the most recent version of Lightroom, CC (6. 0). Shooting Formats Presets are made to process RAW files. JPEG files have been already processed in-camera and won’t be accurate following the presets are implemented. You Need to take RAW. Camera Compatibility Most presets will work with any camera manufacturer. Kirk Mastin is such a perfectionist that each set of presets includes small adjustments for various camera manufacturers. So although these presets will operate with any camera, they’re specifically designed for Nikon, Canon, Fuji, and Sony. Refunds It’s rather normal for merchants of Lightroom presets not to provide refunds, even as they can’t be’returned’. So if you’re unsure about whether you would like to get the presets, reach out to encourage and have them process you for you. Or in the case of Mastin Labs, you can combine the Enormous 20k+ FB neighborhood

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